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This is a great place to give more details about Soavet, as a consultancy company. I could give personal information about my Business, my services and Training.

The History or Story Behind My Business
Soavet is the practise name of Dr.Stephen Adejoro,DVM,MBA, Chief executive of the organisation and it's subsidairies.

Soavet was registered in 1979 as a pioneer private veterinary consulting outfit in Ibadan,Oyo state in Nigeria.

The zeal behind this organisation is Dr. Stephen Adejoro who started the outfit as a pioneer private consultancy outfit in Nigeria.The outfit had acquired long years of experience in the areas of poultry projects development,monitoring, appraisal, management evaluation and market research studies.

In 1991 , Soavet was incorporated as Soavet Nig Ltd. in other to elaborately cover it's mission of efficient livestock and poultry production in Nigeria.It's operations covered a diverse and innovative areas in poultry management.

These include the followings:-

Chemotherapeautic trials for gumbro diseases with international featured articles.
Uses of multiprofessional consortium in the managementof poultry project for which Dr.S.O.Adejoro had been the team leader.
Dietry approachin the treatment of fowl cholera,gumbro and malabsorption sydrome of broiler.
Skill gap management and capacity development of technical and managerial resources of the industry.
It's Subsidiary centre for livestock management and training was created in 1996 to handle the outfit vision of meeting the diverse need for human capacity development of the industry. The centre has published many scientific and practical books on livestock production ,Diseases,management and marketing most of which had featured in international magazines.

Three outstanding books by Dr S.O.Adejoro on Layer production and feed formulation in the tropics are now in the market.
you can visit our photo page for further information.

visit our photo page for further information.
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