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International Publications

*Adejoro S.O (2003)
African poultry industry to focus on sustainability,World poultry-Vol.19 No 11.2003
*. Adejoro S.O. (2002)

Gender participation in Commercial poultry enterprises, World poultry Ii volume


*. Adejoro S.O. (1996)

Heading towards effective egg market in West Africa World poultry 12

*. Adejoro S.O. (1996)

Nigerians embrace value added poultry products

World poultry 15 vol 3

*. Adejoro S.O. (1991)

Strategies for Animal health care in the Tropics

World poultry 7 (10)

*. Adejoro S.O. (1991)

Stress sparks epidemics in NigeriaWorld poultry April page 27.

B. Occasional Publications for public enlightenment

*. Adejoro S.O. (2001)

Poultry Industry the way forward.The comet July 13.

*. Adejoro S.O. (2001)

Risk Management in poultryThe comet July 27

*. Adejoro S.O. (2001)

Sociopolitical and economicImpact on Nigeria poultry

The Comet August 13

*. Adejoro S.O. (2001)

Efficient management of poultry Inputs for high profitability

The comet

*. Adejoro S.O. 2001

Skill -gap management,Strength of a profitable

Poultry enterprise

The comet August 24

Adejoro S.O. (2001)

Efficient management of poultry feed raw materials

The Comet Oct. 5

Adejoro S.O. (2001)

Towards economic empowerment and capacity development of Nigerian youths

The comet Nov 2.

Adejoro S.O. (2001)

Formulating feed for sickBirds,

The comet Nov 2.

Workshop papers

Adejoro S.O. 1999

Potential benefit if cattle ranching in South western Nigeria.

Training workshop on enhancing welfare of rural communities through Agricultural


Proceedings of the Ministry of Agriculture & Natural Resources Oyo State of Nigeria.

Adejoro S.O. (1996)

Siress management, strategic options in the control of Gumboro diseases.

Proceedings of the Commercial Egg Producers of Nigeria. CEPAN Bulletin.

Adejoro S.O.(1991)

Dietary approach to treatment of fowl cholera.

NVMA workshop in Ibadan.

Adejoro S. O (1990)

promotion and awareness campaign as an effective tool in increasing demand for egg in Nigeria.

Workshop organized by CEPAN at Ikeja Airport Hotel April 15

Dr S.O.Adejoro
D.V.M,MBA, Chief executive of the organisation and it's subsidairies.
  Research Publications
Research Publications

Adejoro S. O. (1993)

Egg marketing trends and glutManagement in Nigeria
(MBA thesis) University of Ibadan
Executive MBA program

Adejoro S. O. (1975)

Epidemiology of gastro intestinalInfections in RuminantsD.V.M project